Deering White Oak Banjos

White Oak Banjos


      The bluegrass inspired Deering White Lotus Banjo, named for its lotus flower inlay pattern, is centered around the patented white oak rim that sounds magnificently bold without the need for a traditional heavy tone ring. The result is a magically bright and crisp bluegrass punch, ushering in a new era in playing comfort and sound for today’s banjo player.

      At the opposite end of the 5 string spectrum, we have Vega openback models made entirely of white oak.  These banjos are adorned with a gryphon inlay at the peghead - Greg Deering’s own tribute to the incredible inlay work of the late Incilio Consalvi. The white oak rim lends itself to an extraordinarily vibrant and rich tone, particularly with a 12” rim.

      White Oak heralds a new era of lighter weight banjos with an amazing sound. Experience White Oak.

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