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Plectrum Banjos

Plectrum banjos are 4 string banjos that have about the same scale length of a 5 string banjo but are tune C, G, B, D traditionally.

Deering Sierra™ Plectrum Banjo

Well folks, it's like this,The Deering Sierra banjo, while being our least expensive completely professional banjo, is truly the flagship of our entire line! How is it that this is so? Well I'll tell you. The pot assembly of the Sierra, the violin grade maple 3 ply rim, the -06- tone ring, the one piece zinc flange, the notched tension hoop,the Deering tail piece and armrest are exact...


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Deering Eagle II™ Plectrum Banjo

Featuring the patented Twenty-Ten tone ring, this plectrum banjo rings clearly and brightly - yet never harshly. Played by Scotty Morris of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Contact one of our dealers to experience the Eagle II banjo today! Neck: Maple Stained a Dark Red Mahogany


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Deering Maple Blossom™ Plectrum Banjo

A melodic banjo played with a pick, for a bright crisp tone, the Maple Blossom Plectrum banjo is enjoyed in all styles of music. It can be tuned for jazz C,G,B,D or tuned like the four strings of a guitar D,G,D,E and strummed, or picked.  Being a great musical instrument, made of quality maple with a professional -06 bronze tone ring, you are free to tune it and play it however you like. It ...


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Deering Calico™ Plectrum Banjo

At this price point we add two features, we taper the inside of the resonator walls for added projection of tone, and we also add the feature of glued-in frets. Each fret is fitted to the fingerboard and glued in place so that in the future when the frets are worn out, they can easily be replaced without chipping the fingerboard. You will gain these benefits on every model from the Calico on...


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Goodtime Two™ Plectrum Banjo

Featuring a resonator, this banjo will be louder and brighter than its openback sister the Goodtime Plectrum.  


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Goodtime Special™ Plectrum Banjo

The Goodtime Special Plectrum banjo features a steel tone ring and a resonator. These features give this banjo a bright, crisp, tone that are great for cutting through when playing acoustically with a traditional jazz band.  


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Vega Kingston Trio - Bob Shane Plectrum Banjo

Played with a flat pick, and so called a "plectrum", The Bob Shane 50th Anniversary model celebrates the fact that the banjo music on the famous recording of the song, "Tom Dooley", was actually played by Bob Shane on a plectrum banjo that was tuned like the last four strings of a guitar! A Little known fact. The Bob Shane Plectrum banjo is a professional grade banjo made beautifully ...


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Deering Boston™ Plectrum

For Traditional Jazz, or for guitar players, the Boston Plectrum is an easy instrument to play with a lighter weight than the higher end banjos, it's durable and has a good tone. The term Plectrum refers to the fact that it is usually played with a flat pick. It can be tuned for Jazz C,G,B,D or like the last 4 strings of a guitar D,G,B,E. The 22 fret Plectrum banjo is generally used as the m...


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