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  • How To Buy Your First Banjo - The Basics: Part 2

    Moving Up

    Before taking a road trip, it is a good idea to have a destination in mind, determine the best route to get there, what the gas will cost, what food stops you need to make (my favorite part), what sights you might want to see along the way and how much money it will cost for all of that.  Buying your first “professional” or “step up” banjo will make more sense if you “map out” your wants and needs. 


    Determining “Your Sound”

    As there are many styles of banjo music, there are even more kinds of banjo sound which is determined partly by the banjo and partly by the player.  We will talk in general terms today about banjo sounds, and address the specific styles of banjos in specific styles of music in a future article.  

    Ask yourself some basic questions: 

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