Colton Crawford

Colton Crawford (The Dead South) | Deering Live Ep. 102

Colton Crawford is the banjo player for high energy four-piece string band The Dead South. We catch up with him just before the release of the bands upcoming album to find out whats new, and to talk about his ever growing collection of banjos!

Hailing from Canada, The Dead South bring a sound that speeds like a train past that intentionally explores the grittier, rowdier spaces of the bluegrass world. Colton is typically on the road with a Saratoga Star, White Lotus, or Good Time Two Deco!

Their original music spans 4 albums and multiple EP's and singles since 2013, with a new album to be released in February 2024.


  • Dick Nietfeld

    I am 83 yrs and bought my first banjo after listening to Colton Crawford playing for the Dead South.

  • Dan

    Hi from Moncton NB East coast!

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