Evie Ladin

Jumping into Jams on Clawhammer Banjo with Evie Laden | Deering Live Ep. 107

Banjo player, singer, songwriter, percussive dancer, choreographer, and square-dance caller, Oakland, CA-based Evie Ladin returns to Deering Live to share tips and techniques for jams that may or may not be specific to old-time string band music.


  • Chuck

    Been playing professionally, including college concerts, for 60 years, and I learned several new things already—halfway through! Wow and thanks.

  • Gary Dunny

    Great Playing! I noticed that the finger you use to fret string 1 at fret 2 seems to depend on the context of the next chord— can you explain a bit??

  • Don Ulin

    I’ve got plenty of technique. My problem is getting out of my head, as I think you put it. Any suggestions?

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