Graham Sharp

Graham Sharp | Deering Live Episode 92

This week on Deering Live we are featuring Graham Sharp from the Steep Canyon Rangers. We will be diving into ways to use the 5-string banjo to enhance/support a song. The 5-string banjo is too often focused on being a lead instrument but it also can provide a great texture for a singer or other lead instrument to play on top of. Be sure to watch and pick up some great ideas!

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  • Gregory L Driskell

    Pleasure to see and hear your band in Denver at the Botanic Gardens……the abrupt end due to the Lightening and Thunder, and Hard rain, gave us and you PAUSE….to escape the venue hurridly! Life can be hard driving and sometimes pushes you away from our creative paths…..I think there’s a song waiting to be born from that unexpected Exodus…. hope to hear it soon, you guys are hard driving, lovely, and precision tuned, loved your show!

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