Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show on Deering Live

Ketch Secor Of Old Crow Medicine Show On Deering Live

Ketch Secor is a founding member of Old Crow Medicine Show, a Grammy Award winning group that has been inducted as members of the Grand Ole Opry. Ketch is a mutiinstrumentalist whose first instrument was a banjo but is also a fantastic fiddler, harmonica player, and more! He has a deep understanding of American folk, country, and old time music and is a dynamic entertainer. Among his many accomplishments, he is the co-writer of the hit song "Wagon Wheel".


  • Barry

    Loved his style of clawhammer playing and hearing his passion for string music. OCMS is definitely a great band to see and hear live!

  • Brad

    you guys keep bringing it strong, congrats, he is so genuine, could listen for days….thx

  • Sarah

    Funny and talented. I loved his passion when talking about the past and being the “link” between past musicians and musicians younger than him. I also like to fantasize and be dreamy about the past, and possibly over-beautify, but love to hear other people do it too.

  • Brad Hunt

    where are the female vocalists?

  • Mattie

    Awesome band. There is no comparison. There is an immense amount of talent both vocally and playing of instruments. Love it!!! This an "intelligent " group of young men. Love it!!! ❤️

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