Goodtime Banjo Armrest


A brand new armrest design for Deering Goodtime banjos that is flat and rides lower to the head, thus being very comfortable to the player. This armrest is very easy to install and comes with two specially made j-hooks and installation instructions in order to attach it to your Goodtime Banjo. Requires a Goodtime 9/32 T-wrench for installation. 


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Flat J-Hooks


These j-hooks fit on Goodtime, Boston, and Vega banjos. (Excluding Vega #2)

Fits with 9/32" Hex Nuts. 

Will not fit Deering upper line models. 

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Hex Nut


Used for tightening J-hooks to the head of your banjo.


  • 9/32" is for all Goodtime Banjos (Fits Flat J hooks)
  • 1/4" is for Deering Resonator Banjos (Fits Round J Hooks)
  • 5/16" is for Deering Openback Banjos (Fits Round J Hooks)



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Deering Banjo Thumbscrew and Wall Lug


Thumbscrew and wall lug used to hold the resonator on Deering, Vega, and Tenbrooks banjos.

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Round J-Hook


For Deering and Vega #2 banjos (not suitable for other Vega models).

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Deering True Tone™ Tailpiece


The Deering True Tone™ Tailpiece is designed to combine the best features of easy adjustment, ease of string changing, and enhance the tone of the banjo without humming.  It is fully adjustable.

By far the best tailpiece made today.

*May add an attachment L Bracket for $2.75. L Bracket is needed for models without a one piece flange.*

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Goodtime™ Banjo Tailpiece


Greg Deering designed this Goodtime tailpiece to give the customer adjustability and great sound. Made of steel, nickel plated, and easy to use and install, the Goodtime tailpiece is a perfect match for the ever-popular Goodtime banjos!

Comes in Three Styles.

  • Goodtime Tailpiece- fits all Goodtime Tenor and 5 String Banjos
  • Goodtime Ukulele Tailpiece- Fits Goodtime Banjo Ukulele and Goodtime banjo Ukulele Tenor
  • Goodtime Six Tailpiece- Fits Goodtime Six and Goodtime Six Jumbo


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Deering Knot-Less Banjo Tailpiece


The Deering Knot-Less Banjo Tailpiece is made in the same Spring Valley factory as all of our banjos. Deering's take on the traditional no-knot tailpiece offers a far lower break angle over the bridge than the standard Deering tailpiece. This gives the banjo the recognizable mellow, muted tone long preferred by the old time/ clawhammer/ frailing style banjo players.

The Knot-Less tail piece is also completely stable, eliminating the age old issue of the tailpiece being pulled from side to side during a restring. 

Made for Vega Old Time Wonder, the Deering Knot-Less works for Goodtime Banjos and Deering models without a flange.

Note: Will not fit any Deering banjo that has a standard flange or tube flange. 

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Deering Armrest


A sleek and graceful nickel plated armrest that fits the Deering banjos with 24 hook spacing. Made of steel, this armrest is comfortable, elegant, and durable.

Comes with plate and armrest screw to attach to your Deering Banjo. 

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Planetary Banjo Tuners


Deering or Goodtime Planetary Tuners.

These great tuners provide even tension. They turn smoothly, and set the string right where you want it. Our tuners do it right! Set of 4 tuners.

**Please select appropriate type to match your banjo and option to add a 5th Peg Tuner.**


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Goodtime Nickel Plated Guitar Style Banjo Tuners


These Goodtime guitar tuners provide even tension. They come standard on most of our Goodtime banjo line. They turn smoothly, and set the string right where you want it. Nickel plated with a 16:1 gear ratio. 

A set of 4 tuners include two left facing tuners for the 3rd and 4th string, and two right facing tuners for the 1st and 2nd strings for right handed banjos. The 5th Peg tuner is also available.

**Please select appropriate type to match your banjo strings. Option to add a 5th Peg Tuner. **


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Deering 5th String Banjo Tuner


Deering or Goodtime 5th Peg Tuner.

These great tuners provide even tension. They turn smoothly, and set the string right where you want it. Our tuners do it right! 

**Please select appropriate type to match your banjo. Available for Deering and Goodtime banjos.**


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Deering 6-String Banjo Tailpiece


Hand-made in the Deering factory, the Deering 6-string tailpiece is fully adjustable. Made of steel, nickel plated and for use with ball-end acoustic/electric guitar strings, the player will find the tailpiece is not only reliable but easy to use.

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Deering Shoe


These Deering Shoes fit on all of our banjos. 



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Deering Tension Hoop


These Deering Tension Hoops will assist in tightening your banjo head. Three types are available, Goodtime, Beveled, and the Deering Brass Notched Tension Hoop.

Available for 11" rim only.

Goodtime Hoop: For all of our Goodtime Models, must be fitted with Flat J Hooks.

Beveled Hoop: For our Boston and Some Vega Models, (Vega Little Wonder, Vega Old Time Wonder, Vega White Oaks, and Vega Senators), must be fitted with Flat J Hooks

Deering Notched Brass Hoop: Brass Tension Hoop for our Deering Banjos fits Round J Hooks.

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Deering Pot Screw


These Deering Pot Screws insert through the center of the pot into the shoe. Comes in 2 sizes. Select the right one to fit your banjo. 

Goodtime Pot Screw: Fits 11" Goodtime Banjos

Boston Pot Screw: Fits Boston Banjos


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Boston Butterfly Flange Set


This set of 24 Boston Butterly Flange Plates fit our Boston banjos. Sold as a set of 24 to fit your whole banjo or by single plate.  

There are 4 types of single Boston Butterfly flange plates. If purchasing a single replacement plate, please select the one you need.  

Single Plate Styles- Pictured in Order

  • Standard Plate- One hole
  • Deering Thumb Screw Plate- Two Holes
  • Left End Plate- Has the butterfly to toward the left and flat edge to the right.
  • Right End Plate- Has the butterfly toward the right and flat edge on the left. 
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Goodtime Resonator Screw


These Goodtime Resonator Screws are used to attach your Goodtime resonator.


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