ProPik Thumbpick


Equipped with a smooth-wearing plastic tip, the Metal-Plastic Thumb Pick has great tone, requires no break-in, and eliminates that annoying grinding sound ordinary plastic thumb picks are prone to make.The pick is made of Delrin plastic for durability and steel for a flexible fit. Available in Lefty.

*Please select your size*
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ProPik Fingerpick


Vintage Style Picks offer great tone and comfort. Inspired by popular picks made in the 20's this vintage style pick has a more comfortable fit! Just bend to fit. 

Our ProPiks are Nickel-Silver and are Blade Style #1.

Sold in single quantity. Please enter number of desired picks. 

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Clawhammer Banjo Pick


Brand new! We are proud to introduce this Clawhammer banjo pick made by our friends at ProPik.

  • This dedicated clawhammer banjo pick will improve tone and volume
  • Made of brass for warm tone
  • Secure fit, with a split wrap design

*Please select your size below. Available in Medium and Large.* 

To use, fit the pick to your strumming finger nail. The ProPik label rests on your fingernail and then shape the split wrap around pad of finger securely. This brass pick will add volume and warmth to your clawhammer playing, 

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Deering Thumb Pick


Deering Thumb picks are a great choice for banjo players. Whatever style interests you, every great player knows that their pick is an integral part of their tone. Thumb Picks are a grossly underrated accessory. Don't sacrifice your tone — pick up these plastic banjo picks to add brightness to your banjo playing! 

Please select your size and quantity. Buy three and save!

Right handed only.

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Deering Players Package


Who doesn’t want to improve their banjo sound? One of the easiest ways to make the banjo sound brighter and crisper is with a fresh set of strings and new picks! We chose the comfortable picks from Propik and Deering Banjo Strings to make playing even easier in the Deering Players package.

Buy this package and save. 

This new package comes with:

  • Three Sets of Banjo Strings of Choice
  • One ProPik Thumb Pick *Please Pick your Size*
  • Two ProPik Split Wrap Finger Picks 
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Deering Flat Pick


Classic medium celluloid flat pick, easy to grip and comfortable to play. Comes in Tortoise Shell, Blue, and Pearl. Pick your favorite color, or get all three. Medium gauge.

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National Finger Picks


One of the most popular brands of picks for years!
National nickel-silver finger picks are made for banjo playing.

Sold in a pack of 4 finger picks. Just squeeze them to fit to your finger size.

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Cane Toad Pick Pouch


The Cane Toad was introduced into Gordonvale, Queensland, Australia, 22kms South of Cairns, in 1935 from Hawaii to combat the sugar cane beetle which was destroying the crops of the sugar cane industry. It has since hopped all over Queensland.

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Thumb Picks


These plastic banjo thumb picks will add brightness to your banjo playing. Available in an array of colors. Please select size and color. Right handed only.

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