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Sticky-Picks™ is a specially formulated solution designed to help hold on thumb and finger picks while performing or practicing on many types of stringed instruments. Sticky-Picks are available in 1oz. bottles.

Worrying about your picks falling off during a show, can lead to a less than top-notch performance. Even if playing music is just a hobby, you will enjoy it far more without thinking about your picks popping off. Now there's Sticky-Picks™…and the confidence it provides.

"I just tried a new product called "Sticky Picks.″   This stuff is absolutely fantastic.  My fingers tend to be a little slippery from sweat and oils, etc.  I've also had years of issues where my finger picks slip around on my finger.  I've gotten so used to picks moving around that I gave it no thought. I just keep re-positioning my picks, sliding them around, sometimes during a song!   This Sticky Pick is not only completely effective to use, but it has got to be the easiest solution to a nagging players issue that I've ever seen.  You just put some of this liquid on your fingers, put the picks on while the stuff is still wet and in 30-60 seconds, your pick is rock solid and won't move.  But then, you just pull the pick off when your done.  I don't know how these folks managed this "magic″ but for the insignificant cost of $13.95 for a bottle, which will last a long, long , long time, this stuff is one of the greatest breakthroughs for players that I 've seen.   It works great on plastic and metal finger and thumb picks.  I can't recommend this stuff too highly.   If you want picks to stay on your fingers and thumb like they never have, just try a bottle of this stuff and you'll see, it's just like magic!"
Barry Hunn
Deering Worldwide Sales Manager

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