Deering® Banjo Stand


Deering worked directly with the folks at Cooperstand to make this customized Deering wooden banjo stand. Made of African Sapele Mahogany, the stand is great for lighter weight Goodtime Banjos. 

This  stand has several advantages:

  • Compact…folds down  small enough to fit into many gig bags and instrument cases. This makes traveling with one much more convenient.
  • Protects finish on your banjo…because it is made of wood, there are no metal pieces that can scratch or damage your banjo finish.
  • Enhanced aesthetics…the wooden stand is beautifully crafted to enhance the home or studio environment.

In short, this custom Deering wooden banjo stand combines artistic good looks, versatile full size, with minimal size compatibility, and portability. All of this in one very small package.

Not recommended for Deering banjos with tone rings.

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Banjo Stand Accessory Pack


Get all of your banjo accessories in one place!  

Try out our Deering Banjo Stand and a Deering cordura Gig Bag embroidered in gold with the Deering logo.  This beautiful padded 5-string banjo gig bag has adjustable backpack straps, a sturdy Velcro handle, and a front pocket for storage. Protect your banjo from gig to gig.  

Some banjo picks are a necessity, and the package is completed with a set of our Deering Light Gauge Banjo Strings. 


  • Deering Banjo Stand
  • Light Gauge Deering Banjo Strings
  • Deering Banjo Gig Bag
  • 2 Double Wrap ProPik Finger Picks
  • 1 ProPik Thumb Pick 

A value of $173.49!

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