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Goodtime Banjo Head Change Package

$64.95   $110.93

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Do you want to maintain a beautiful sounding Goodtime banjo? Or would you like to give it a new look?

Spruce up your banjo, it's sound, and customize the look of your banjo with this package. The Goodtime Banjo Head Change Package includes the necessities for changing your banjo head with ease.

  • High Crown Banjo Head of Your Choice
  • T-Wrench 9/32"
  • GRIP Peg String Winder
  • 1 Set of Deering Banjo Strings of Choice
  • Goodtime 5/8" SMILE Banjo Bridge
For Goodtime banjos only. Will not fit Deering, Vega, and Tenbrooks banjos.

Option to upgrade to our Deering Smile Bridge Available!


Top Frosted- The most popular head made for a 5-string banjo. Crisp bright with a good snap, not too much sustain, good clarity and note distinction.

Black-Mellow in tone with long sustain, lots of low frequency response and not a crisp as a clear or bottom frosted head. More sustain that the fiberskyn.

Renaissance-Smooth top & opaque honey color. Tone is a brighter than found in the fiberskyn head. Another favorite of old time clawhammer players.

Fiberskyn-Warm, round character. A favorite with old time clawhammer players.

Clear-Sweet tone with clear distinction and long sustain, a bit less bass response than the bottom frosted head.

Prism-Showy appearance with smooth surface like a black head but brighter in tone, popular for tenor, plectrum,and Crossfire banjos both for tone and appearance.

Kevlar-Tends to emphasize the high frequencies like you would hear in an archtop banjo, stiffer with a surface texture like an orange peel. This head sustains well and is crisp. It is sweet and strong on the six string banjos. 

Bottom Frosted-Popular with tenor and plectrum banjoists because the smooth outer surface is quieter when strumming. The head has good bass response. 

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