Goodtime Banjo Resonator Retro Fit Kit


You can now upgrade your Goodtime Openback to a resonator banjo by attaching the flange and resonator with this simple kit of parts that are easy to install.

Now available for your Goodtime Artisan as well.

Comes with Goodtime Armrest attachment J Hooks and installation instructions.

For standard size Goodtime banjos with 11" pot.

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Deering Banjo Thumbscrew and Wall Lug


Thumbscrew and wall lug used to hold the resonator on Deering, Vega, and Tenbrooks banjos.

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Flat J-Hooks


These j-hooks fit on Goodtime, Boston, and Vega banjos. (Excluding Vega #2)

Fits with 9/32" Hex Nuts. 

Will not fit Deering upper line models. 

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Hex Nut


Used for tightening J-hooks to the head of your banjo.


  • 9/32" is for all Goodtime Banjos (Fits Flat J hooks)
  • 1/4" is for Deering Resonator Banjos (Fits Round J Hooks)
  • 5/16" is for Deering Openback Banjos (Fits Round J Hooks)



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Round J-Hook


For Deering and Vega #2 banjos (not suitable for other Vega models).

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Case Handle


This is a replacement case handle. There are two different handles. One parallel, and the other has a perpendicular loop that straps to your case. Please refer to your current case to pick out the appropriate handle.

Pictured first is the Parallel Handle. The second picture is the associated Deering Traditional Hardshell Case. 

Pictured third is the Perpendicular Handle. The fourth picture is the associated Deering Traditional Hardshell Case.

Does not include mounting hardware. 


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Deering Banjo Spikes


These Deering Banjo Spikes are used to capo the 5th string of your banjo. Tiny and unobtrusive these spikes will allow you to capo the 5th string of your banjo easily. The most common approach is to install spikes at frets 7, 9, and 10. They are installed by drilling a tiny hole in the finger board and carefully tapped into the hole. 

Sold in packets of 12.

**If you have not installed these previously please contact Deering or a local luthier.**

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Deering Smile™ Banjo Bridge



Deering’s new patent-pending Smile™ Banjo Bridge is created to fit into the natural curve created on a banjo head when under string tension. This relieves the stress found in a traditional bridge allowing the Smile™ Bridge to vibrate without constriction. The result is an instantly fuller and more expressive midrange, less constricted low end frequencies, and a wonderful balance across all strings.

Checkout the New Deering Tony Trischka Signature Models   

*The top/black portion of your banjo bridge is called “the saddle.” This saddle is made to match the shape of the surface of your banjo fingerboard. Most banjo fingerboards are “flat” meaning that they do not have a curved surface. Some banjos are custom made with a curve to the fingerboard which is called a “radiused fingerboard.” This is not to be confused with the curve of the feet of a Smile™ bridge. When choosing the Smile™ bridge please choose the one that has “the saddle” that is shaped like the surface of your fingerboard.

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Deering Shoe


These Deering Shoes fit on all of our banjos. 



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Deering Tension Hoop


These Deering Tension Hoops will assist in tightening your banjo head. Three types are available, Goodtime, Beveled, and the Deering Brass Notched Tension Hoop.

Available for 11" rim only.

Goodtime Hoop: For all of our Goodtime Models, must be fitted with Flat J Hooks.

Beveled Hoop: For our Boston and Some Vega Models, (Vega Little Wonder, Vega Old Time Wonder, Vega White Oaks, and Vega Senators), must be fitted with Flat J Hooks

Deering Notched Brass Hoop: Brass Tension Hoop for our Deering Banjos fits Round J Hooks.

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Deering Pot Screw


These Deering Pot Screws insert through the center of the pot into the shoe. Comes in 2 sizes. Select the right one to fit your banjo. 

Goodtime Pot Screw: Fits 11" Goodtime Banjos

Boston Pot Screw: Fits Boston Banjos


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Goodtime Resonator Screw


These Goodtime Resonator Screws are used to attach your Goodtime resonator.


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Goodtime Banjo "Stars & Stripes" Resonator Retro Fit Kit


Make sure you and your Goodtime banjo honor 4th of July with pride with this very limited edition "Stars & Stripes" Resonator Retro Fit Kit!*  

Made for Goodtime Openback owners, you can upgrade your banjo by attaching the flange and resonator with this simple kit of parts that are easy to install.

For customers who already have a resonator on their Goodtime, simply order the resonator only option below and retro fit onto your existing hardware. 

Full Kit Comes with:

  • Custom Hand Made Goodtime Stars and Stripes Resonator
  • Goodtime Armrest with Attachment J Hooks
  • Goodtime Flange Set
  • Installation Instructions
*For standard size Goodtime banjos with 11" pot. Will not fit Deering upperline or 12" banjo pots. Available to order through July 7th 2017. First 10 Domestic orders guaranteed delivery by July 4th, 2017. 
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