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Goodtime Midnight Special™

FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. The Goodtime Midnight Special also features our new patent pending Goodtime Tone Ring mounted on a violin grade maple 3-ply rim for a sound that rivals instruments several times the price. This modern black and white banjo has a look that is striking and classic at the same time. It's a modern banjo players banjo with great performance at an affordable ...


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Goodtime™ Fretless and Scooped Openback Banjo

We probably wouldn't recommend this banjo for the player who has just taken up the banjo - but for those players who want an authentic old time banjo sound and understand the idea of a fretless instrument, this one is for you.


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Goodtime Zombie Killer™ 5-String Banjo

Blonde maple neck with engraved hardwood inlays with Zombie killing themes.  The maple resonator is finished to look blood splattered and worn.  The resonator flange has teeth around the outer edge like a circular saw blade with Zombie killing images cut into the flat surface of the flange.  The three ply violin maple rim is finished with the dark reddish finish.  The metal parts are finishe...


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Goodtime™ "Bright Star" Banjo

"Bright Star shimmers on Broadway" - USA Today "A Gorgeous Anththem To Optimism" - Variety What better name for this banjo than “Bright Star”! Featuring a vibrant fully illustrated banjo head and custom engraved “Bright Star” on the peghead, this commemorative banjo is a welcome addition for  Steve Martin fans and banjo lovers around the world. With the vibrant tone of natu...

From $599.00

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John McEuen Goodtime Two™ 5 String Banjo

John McEuen enjoys inspiring others to play music and as ‘Johnny Banjoseed’, he encouraged the Deering Banjo Company to release a John McEuen  Goodtime Two™ banjo that he could promote and inspire others to pick up the banjo.  The John McEuen Goodtime Tw...


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