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Deering Tenbrooks Legacy™ Banjo

Made of mahogany, the Legacy delivers a sweet, warm sound with an uninhibited musicality that effortlessly reaches the audience with a pure and balanced tone, amazingly pleasing to the ear and heralding a whole new musical realm for the world of banjo.The Legacy has a classical Art Deco feel to the inlay pattern, another Greg Deering original design. The Legacy is a wonderful professi...

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Tenbrooks Legacy™ Banjo with -06- Tone Ring

The Legacy is a wonderful professional level banjo that is a racehorse for the performing musician and dedicated banjo enthusiast, an effortless and instantly versatile tool for boundless musical creativity. The comfortable neck is made for precise playing, and it features glued in frets for easy re-fretting for the artist who plays a lot. The Legacy provides a limitless musical playi...

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Deering Tenbrooks Legacy Natural Mahogany Banjo Package with -06- Tone Ring

Crafted out of an unstained luminous honey-toned natural mahogany, protected by a glass-like high gloss finish, this unique Tenbrooks Legacy -06- banjo will be a welcome addition to any banjo collector! The Deering -06- tone  ring is noted for its ability to give the player incredible depth and range of tone. Combined with the natural mahog...


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