Deering is proud to team up with Royer Labs and Compass Sound Studios to bring you five informative videos that will give you the foundation you need to capture the best possible banjo sound.
Whether you are using a USB mic, have a basic home studio set up, or you find yourself in a professional studio setting, many, if not all of the principles will apply and will give you a great starting point in recording your banjo.

Ribbon Microphones & Recording Banjo Episode 1 with Alison Brown

Deering artist Alison Brown uses her Julia Belle low banjo to perform a rendition of John Hartford’s “Steam Powered Aereo Plane” through a pair of Royer R-121 ribbon microphones. She then invites engineer Matt Coles to demonstrate the best starting points using a single microphone.

Ribbon Microphones & Recording Banjo Episode 2 with Alison Brown & Stuart Duncan

Alison Brown is joined by Stuart Duncan on clawhammer banjo on a duet of "Arkansas Traveller" before engineer Matt Coles explains how he achieved Alison’s microphone set up using a spaced pair of Royer R-121's. Matt also demonstrates an easy baffle idea to help you control the room noise, wherever you are.

Ribbon Microphones & Recording Banjo Episode 3 with Stuart Duncan - Single Royer R-122V

Stuart Duncan uses the new Vega Vintage Star banjo to talk about techniques he uses to mic for an old time sound with an R-122V Vacuum Tube Ribbon Microphone. Stuart also talks about using a dampener on the banjo – a common technique in the clawhammer world.

Ribbon Microphones & Recording Banjo Episode 4 with Stuart Duncan

Stuart Duncan talks about mic proximity with old time playing, as well as some fun techniques to try using two mics. Stuart uses Royer R-122V and R-121 microphones with his Vega Vintage Star.

Ribbon Microphones & Recording Banjo Episode 5 - Summary with Matt Coles

Compass Records studio engineer Matt Coles reflects on the techniques demonstrated in the videos, and offers some final thoughts.

Learn more about the banjos used in these videos.

Alison Brown played her signature Julia Belle banjo while Stuart Duncan played a Vega Vintage Star banjo.

Deering Julia Belle banjo peghead

Deering Julia Belle

Vega Vintage Star peghead

Vega Vintage Star

Deering Live with John Jennings (Royer Labs) & Matt Coles (Compass Sound Studios)

On this episdoe of Deering Live we are joined by our good friends John Jennings (Vice President, Royer Labs Microphones) and Matt Coles (Engineer, Compass Sound Studio) to discuss mics, mic placements and to announce the launch of some very cool collaborative videos.