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Banjo Playing Tips

  • The Symmetrical Tuning of the Tenor Banjo

    By nature, the tuning of the tenor banjo in fifths inherently has a major advantage in that chord voicings and scale patterns are symmetrical. The intervallic relationship between an adjacent string is the same.  This means that if you make a triad on the fourth, third, and second strings with the root in the bass, a triad shape would be the same if you moved it up one set of strings to the third, second, and first strings.
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  • Tenor Banjo Lesson - How To Build a Chord Melody

    In the following lesson, we will learn how to take a basic melody, and turn that into a full chord melody arrangement.  We are going to use the popular tune "When the Saints Go Marching In" in the key of F as our example.
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