The Deering Clawhammer Method (Part 2)

Welcome to the Clawhammer Method Part 2!

The first lesson is the most successful video we have posted to date and is presented by Deering Sales Manager, Barry Hunn.

In part two, Barry will allow you to use the clawhammer technique learned in the previous video, through to playing a full song with advanced techniques. 


Part 2: This Land Is Your Land/Incorporating advanced techniques.


Practice Videos

Below is a playlist of videos to allow you to play along with the various steps of each video to perfect your technique. 

April 11, 2017 by Barry Hunn
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Steve McCombs

Steve McCombs said:

These two videos are super. A fantastic basic approach that sets up the learner to be successful. Practice slow to become proficient as well as fast.

Lesley van Essen

Lesley van Essen said:

Really, really enjoyed this video. Barry, you are such fun and a great teacher. Many thanks and please give us MORE


John said:

Practice slow learn fast, great lesson. Barry is an excellent teacher. I enjoyed the first video and I’m sure as I go through the rest, I will continue to excel.

Arnie Brown

Arnie Brown said:

Just a simple THANK YOU for putting these two videos out. Again THANK YOU Barry, greatly appreciated.

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