The Deering Clawhammer Method (Part 1)

With so many clawhammer tutorials out there, we wanted to create one with our own spin. Barry Hunn has been teaching newcomers to the banjo for over 30 years and in this video you will start as a beginner and end with a firm foundation on basic clawhammer technique. 

Once you have mastered this section, part two is just a click away

So grab your banjo and enjoy.  

Part 1: An Introduction to Clawhammer. 


  • Doug

    Man, I have been teaching orchestra for many years now, just saw a banjo from the jazz band seating there with dust (A Goodtime Artesan) started to full around and felt in love with it, just ordered a banjo from you guys and can’t wait to have my home next week, anyway, you inspired me to be a better teacher and keep going learning this amazing instrument! Bravo!!!!!!

  • Tony Munn

    I wish Barry’s video had been around when I first started on this style many years ago. I’m sure I would not have developed some of the bad habits in my playing that are now too hard to break. Thanks for viewing this great introductory lesson.

  • Tim Edwards

    I have taken lots of lessons in my life on other instruments but this clawhammer lesson by Barry Hunn was one of the best. The lesson was just perfect and lots of fun. “Go slow learn fast”

  • david bee

    I think this is great. Everything taught here is true. Before you know it you’ll be playing so well. Try it. You’ll like it!

  • Daniel Snyder

    I do like the videos, thanks. Great instructor, wellpaced. I wish they were accompanied by the related tab, and downloadable (my internet is way slow)

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