The Deering Clawhammer Method (Part 1)

With so many clawhammer tutorials out there, we wanted to create one with our own spin. Deering Sales Manager Barry Hunn has been teaching newcomers to the banjo for over 30 years and in this video you will start as a beginner and end with a firm foundation on basic clawhammer technique. 

Once you have mastered this section, part two is just a click away

So grab your banjo and enjoy.  

Part 2: An Introduction to Clawhammer. 

April 11, 2017 by Barry Hunn


James L. Young

James L. Young said:

How cool is that! For years I’ve tried to figure out how to play claw hammer style. Barry makes it so simple to understand that I just might be able to do it. Thank you!

marlene bebout

marlene bebout said:

i have not had my banjo long and am trying to decide which style to play as a beginner. Barry you made the lesson so easy to understand claw hammer. it is difficult sometimes for me as a senior to try to learn as there is so muchout there on internet it gets overwhelming .you are really great to learn from . thank you marlene


Yvonne said:

Best claw hammer lesson out there. Thanks!

Robert Hebert

Robert Hebert said:

Very good lesson,Thanks

Jeff Thalin

Jeff Thalin said:

Great presentation. I am so grateful for this introduction to claw-hammer banjo.
Being a relative beginner at 5-string bluegrass and the proud owner of a Deering Golden Era banjo. I have often wondered about claw-hammer style.
You have really done an awesome job in this presentation and it leaves me wanting to be able to hear more and continue this education.
I however live in south Florida and there are not a lot of banjo teachers here. The teachers that are here are rather pricey (for a retired individual) at $60 an hour, so I am truly grateful for this lesson.
I hope you will consider making a continuing course available even if it’s for a small fee.

Arnie Brown

Arnie Brown said:

Thanks for this folks, It helps an old 85 years plus like me to get started again,

Arnie Brown


Loren said:

This is a wonderfully done beginning presentation. Followed closely it leads to great technic.

Ray Williamson

Ray Williamson said:

As an 80 plus guy just starting banjo this is just the simple approach I need. Barry does a fantastic job and has sold me on clawhammer. I’ll now switch from bluegrass for now. Many thanks indeed.


carm said:

excellent teaching

Juel Ulven

Juel Ulven said:

Well done! Thanks for providing an excellent video for folks beginning clawhammer playing. A bite-sized non-threatening tutorial.

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