The Deering Clawhammer Method (Part 2)

Welcome to the Clawhammer Method Part 2!

The first lesson is the most successful video we have posted to date and is presented by Barry Hunn.

In part two, Barry will allow you to use the clawhammer technique learned in the previous video, through to playing a full song with advanced techniques. Enjoy!

Part 2: This Land Is Your Land/Incorporating advanced techniques.


Practice Videos

Below is a playlist of videos to allow you to play along with the various steps of each video to perfect your technique. 


  • Bob Pfliegier

    I am learning to play (but I am old) and can’t figure out how to play the melody by watching. Is there any way you can put just the melody part in writing – showing the left hand and the right hand strings. If I could just learn to play this song I would be happy. I have your Goodtime banjo that I got from your factory when I went there a few years ago. Thanks, BobP

  • Ira

    Second video very informative
    I’m just a little confused on when to hit 3rd or 4th string
    I will keep praticing
    And take it slow
    I try to practice 30 min a day and enjoy it. Thank you so much for video and my good time banjo and for the peace it brings me

  • james

    Dear Barry ,
    Thanks so much for this informed video of the hammer and slide it makes sound so different when you add them in , even tho I’m playing a 4 string Banjo . I live in Sydney australia .
    You are a real pro in teaching the banjo .
    Bye James

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