Deering Banjo Masterclass

SEASON 2 | 5-String Banjo Tunings

About The Masterclass

Join us for an Intermediate/Advanced Banjo Masterclass Series with Jens Kruger. In this FREE series Jens will go in depth over advanced musical concepts that you can apply to your banjo playing.Each class will feature two different topics, and will be followed a week later by a dedicated Q&A session. Please see the schedule below and we look forward to seeing you there.

Future Topics Include

Wonderful World Of Banjo Tunings
Practical Improvising Tips and Tricks
Creating Your Own Style
Banjo Setup / Live Amplification & Recording Gear

Musical Dialog Versus Ostinato
Building Blocks Of Composition

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Tips & Tricks For Improvising On 5-String Banjo | Jens Kruger Masterclass
Every player's improvising hits moments where you seem to run out of creative ideas for your improvising. Re-energize your banjo playing with fresh tips and techniques from Jens Kruger in this 5-string banjo masterclass!
Banjo Tunings | Jens Kruger Masterclass
Be sure to tune in today to watch the 2nd installment of Season 2 Banjo Masterclass with Jens Kruger. Today Jens will be talking about the many different banjo tunings that you can use to add another layer to your playing.
Musical Structure & Chord Movements | Jens Kruger Masterclass
Jens Kruger will teach you about musical structure and chord movements in this week's banjo masterclass. 
Single String Playing and Right Hand Triplets | Jens Kruger Masterclass
Learn how to improve your single string playing when playing the 5-string banjo in the 3-finger style in this weeks banjo masterclass with Jens Kruger. Also learn how to play triplets with your picking hand.
Chord Substitution For Backup and Playing Without A Capo | Jens Kruger Masterclass
Jens Kruger talks about and demonstrates how to add substitute chords to your backup playing and how to play in keys other than G, while using open G tuning, without a capo.
Fast & Clean and Embellishments | Jens Kruger Masterclass
In this 5-string banjo masterclass with Jens Kruger, Jens will go over how to play fast and clean on the banjo as well as how to add embellishments to your banjo playing.