Dan Walsh on Deering Live

Dan Walsh | Deering Live

British clawhammer virtuoso Dan Walsh joins us on Deering Live to talk about his unique take on clawhammer playing, and whether clawhammer should be regarded as a technique or a genre.

Dan is a long-time Deering artist and if you are not familiar with him, he has a fascinating approach to playing banjo. This episode will be well worth tuning in for!


  • Neill Connor

    Really enjoyable and informative hour. Dan shows how the clawhammer technique can be used to excellent effect on near enough any genre of music. Ken Perlman has done the same to a degree years ago covering Irish, Scottish and other traditional styles of music but Dan takes it to another level covering nearly any type of music from Greenday, Geeshie Willie blues to Indian Ragas. Wonderful hour of entertainment.


  • George Bohmfalk

    Very nice session. Answered many questions I’m having as a new clawhammer player. The sky’s the limit! Thanks!

  • Presto

    A wonderful insight into clawhammer from a grand master

  • Todd

    Thank you so much for the wonderful viewpoints and incredible playing!

  • Robin

    What would be the point of playing music if we only strove to copy?

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