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  • What Are D Tuners On A Banjo?

    The Keith D tuner is a tuning machine that has stops built into it that allows the player to “set” a note and then re-tune to another note and “set” the second note so that he can change from one note to the other and the stops will prevent him from tuning too far or not far enough. Earl Scruggs used these and is credited for inventing them on several songs. (Earl’s Breakdown, Randy Lyn Rag and Flint Hill Special are some classics.) D-tuners take some finessing and an “out of tune” situation is very common and easy to fix.
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  • Banjo Head Types and Descriptions

    Each type of banjo head has a unique contribution to your banjo’s tone. Heads have different effects on different kinds of banjos.  For example, one head might sound right for one player on a five string banjo, but be disappointing on another players tenor banjo.  A head on a long neck open back banjo might sound completely different on a 12-string banjo.  The individual artist's touch on the instrument, the use of picks or bare fingers, the kind of bridge and the gauge of strings are all intertwined in a recipe that creates the musical product that you, the artist, have designed. Music and tone are completely subjective and there is no one answer or definition that can be truly considered final. Here are some brief descriptions that are only meant as guidelines to experimentation.
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