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Goodtime Banjo Care Package

$29.95   $40.69

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Essential accessories that every Goodtime banjo player will love!

Created specifically for our Goodtime banjo owners, this custom care kit will help you have more FUN with your banjo! Bring your banjo back to life with the set of three care cloths for both hardware and wooden surfaces. 

Your fingers will fly across the fretboard with the new String Fuel that is both a string cleaner and lubricant in a compact package.

Tighten your head with the 9/32 t-wrench included in your kit. 


  • String Fuel
  • Goodtime Banjo T Wrench (size 9/32)
  • Set of Three Care Cloths
  • Deering Banjo Round Sticker

A retail value of $40.69! Available for a limited time. 

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