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Goodtime Zombie Killer™ 5-String Banjo

We're sorry, this product has been discontinued...

Description Specs Media Why Teachers Like Us

Blonde maple neck with engraved hardwood inlays with Zombie killing themes.  The maple resonator is finished to look blood splattered and worn.  The resonator flange has teeth around the outer edge like a circular saw blade with Zombie killing images cut into the flat surface of the flange.  The three ply violin maple rim is finished with the dark reddish finish.  The metal parts are finished in both nickel plating and a hard blood red color. 

The finish on each and every Zombie banjo resonator is unique in an effort to present as playful an image as possible. Our luthiers are taking great joy in creating images that can include dirt, boot prints, face prints, hand prints, chain marks, raised surfaces simulating blood clots, etc. Know that this is all deliberate and done with you in mind. Enjoy knowing that your banjo is a one-of-a-kind creation!

Banjo Specs


  • Blonde Slender Rock Maple Neck
  • 22 Pressed In Nickel Silver Frets
  • Hardwood Zombie Inlays
  • Sealed Geared Tuners
  • Geared 5th String Tuner
  • Durable Satin Finish
  • Deering Fiddle Shaped Peghead


  • 11" Blood Red 3-ply Violin Grade Maple Rim
  • Red Steel Tension Hoop
  • 11″ Frosted Top High Crown Head
  • 5/8″ Maple/Ebony Goodtime Bridge
  • 16 Flat Hooks with 9/32″ Nuts
  • 16 Bracket Shoes with Screw Attachments
  • Deering Patented Goodtime Tailpiece
  • Steel Coordinator Rod for Adjustments
  • Durable Satin Finish


  • Maple Resonator Stained Blood Red
  • Black Binding
  • Durable Satin Finish


Easy to play with clarity of note separation and round full bodied tone.


Comes strung with Deering Light Gauge Banjo Strings


G,D,G,B,D in standard G tuning.
Can easily be tuned in other tunings as well.


  • Neck Width at the Nut 1 1/4″
  • Scale Length Nut to Bridge 26 1/4″
  • Rim Diameter 11″
  • Resonator Diameter 13 7/8″
  • Overall Instrument Length 38″
  • Weight Approx. 6 lbs


Why Teachers Love This Banjo

Teachers look critically at a banjo because they want their students to be successful. Viewed from a teacher’s eye, he/she requires a banjo to be constructed with musical accuracy, ease of playability, adjustability, and durability. These are the reasons that teachers recommend the Goodtime banjo.

  • Rich Musical Tone and Accuracy
  • Ease Of Play
  • Easy To Maintain

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