String Care Package


Take care of your banjo strings!

What is the easiest way to bring the sparkle back to your banjo sound? Change your strings! And we have made it an easy task with this string package.

The string winder will make installing the strings of your choice quicker, easier, and more fun.

Slide on a little String Fuel and your strings will be easier to play and have a longer life. This Fuel cleans and smooths with one swipe down the length of your strings.

Choose from any of our 8 types of strings. Pick our Light Gauge strings to have the same Deering setup as our standard set up, or the specific style of your choice.  

Comes in a organza bag for seasonal gift giving!

This package includes:

  • Two Sets of Deering Strings of your choice
  • String Fuel
  • String Winder
  • Deering Banjo Round Sticker
A value $32.67! Available for a limited time.