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Ryk said:

Many thanks for sharing Banjinformation!


Doug Yeomans

Doug Yeomans said:

Really liked your tutorial on tightening the banjo head. Very helpful and informative. I’ll be checking it out on my Goodtime to bring it back to that great sound when it was new.
Thanks, keep them coming.

Rex L. Ritter

Rex L. Ritter said:

Thank You Very!&May God Bless Everone At Deering Banjo!

piet van elswijk

piet van elswijk said:

very usefull tips, please go on with more informations, the more I can learn, the better I can play! greetings

Roger Lynch

Roger Lynch said:

As new to banjos, it is very good to read all this information from the supplier to help improve our knowledge on the banjo


Mark said:

Enjoyable presentation, I have deering and am new to the world of banjo playing any help keeping it playable for a lifetime would be great,
Now if I could just learn how to play it.

Floyd Sapp

Floyd Sapp said:

Very good information to know, Thanks

Charles  Bailey

Charles Bailey said:

I want to thank you for that important information. I will tighten mine this weekend if it needs it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all… charlie13


Chuck said:

This all great info. I really enjoyed the first tutorial on changing my Banjo strings, as well as this one, even though, I’ve changed many strings over many years.
Thanks again.

John Malin

John Malin said:

Thanks for that very helpful video! Happy holidays.

Mike Lenich

Mike Lenich said:

Perfect! Well Done, thank you!


Robb said:

As a new banjo player ( goodtimes2) I find your information very helpful and informative


Mark said:

Great video put across perfectly for new players perfectly ie ruler what to look for and how to rectify keep up the good work thank you so much


Donald said:

I wish I had been given this information regarding string winders a few years ago, it would have made things easier. Could you perhaps include this information with new banjos?


Dave said:

This is a very quick, to the point instructional video. I was quite surprised by the difference between the before/after sound of the head. Maybe your editors could add a segment to the video of you tapping the head before/after to show everyone the difference back to back!

One point of note, I’m not sure how heat and humidity would ever loosen your banjo head… The absence of heat and humidity, sure, but not the presence of such things…if anything, heat & humidity will cause your head to tighten [maybe even break!?].

I know that as a guitar teacher, fluctuations in humidity cause my guitars to sharpen/flatten/detune accordingly, so I imagine banjo would be no different. I’ve even had strings break while a guitar was just sitting on the stand due to increases in humidity, and in Saskatchewan [where I live] it’s usually pretty level without any major fluctuations.

Anyway, thanks for the video, it was great!

David Farris

David Farris said:

I found this to be very helpfull and easy to understand. Thank you.


Devlinski said:

Do you always tighten head with the bridge and strings in position? Or is it safer to do without?

Charles Hall

Charles Hall said:

Great video. I had done my F B 59 Fender but wanted to see if I was missing anything.guess i was right. I was ready to toss the thing when I decided to tear it apart and start from scratch the sound had gotten raunchy so I did my thing and next jam at my place everyone ask if I had traded banjos. its really got the crack now.. wouldn’t trade or let it go now…sounds better than the Gibsons and Martins I’ve owned.. thanks for sharing your knowledge…


Dave said:

I would like to thank Deering for providing such helpful information with how to videos that allow us to keep our instruments sounding and playing as best as possible. I would like to see more videos that would show us how to disassemble our banjos for cleaning purposes and how to reassemble them the correct way.I want to attempt this but I would feel more comfortable viewing a video that takes me through it step by step. Maybe something for the suggestion box ? Thank you again.

Wayne Miller

Wayne Miller said:

Thank you for the tutorial on adjusting the banjo head. Great video! I appreciate the help!

Tom Quinn

Tom Quinn said:

Thank you for the information. I try a straight edge placed at the foot of the bridge. If I can get a dime to pass underneath just barely my head is properly tight.


Raymond said:

What electronic tuner do you recommend?

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