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Ashley Campbell

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Songwriter. Singer. Banjo player. Ashley Campbell juggles all three roles, armed with the ability not only to dream up a modern country song, but to deliver it, too. 

Already known for her work alongside her father, country legend Glen Campbell — who, during his final years as a touring musician, leaned heavily on his youngest daughter as a banjo player, keyboardist and harmony vocalist — Ashley is now stepping out on her own. Her music is a mix of her wide-ranging influences, combining the old-school country sound popularized by her father during the '60s and '70s with contemporary Americana, rootsy folk and country-pop.

There's no denying her icon-ic country pedigree, but Ashley is attracting the spotlight these days with her style, talent and a unique sound all her own.

To see what Ashley is up to and when she is playing near you at ashleycampbellmusic.com

Banjos Ashley Plays:

Deering Sierra Acoustic/Electric
Custom Tenbrooks Saratoga Star
Custom Vega Long Neck