Eric Gibson of The Gibson Brothers with his Legacy Banjo

Eric Gibson

Eric Gibson is the 5 string banjo player and co-vocalist in the bluegrass band The Gibson Brothers along side his brother Leigh.

Eric was a school teacher, but by the time he and his brother reached their early 20’s the frequent requests for them to play shows and festivals made a decision inevitable. Eric took a leave of absence from teaching. “It was a hard decision,” he says, “You take the safety net out from under you. We couldn’t have accomplished what we have done if we hadn’t gone into it full bore. To be a good teacher, it has to be your passion, but music is my passion. I always felt pulled by the music. I felt I had to make the choice".

It turned out to be a wise choice. In 1998, The Gibson Brothers won the 1998 IBMA Emerging Artist of the Year Award and that would not be the last! They later took home awards for Song of the Year, Album of the year, Vocal Group of the Year, Entertainers of the Year and Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year through 2009-2017!.

To date the Gibson Brothers Band have successfully recorded 10 albums.

Many would say Eric and Leigh Gibson might have, pound-for-pound, the most impeccably fine-sounding traditional bluegrass band on the contemporary scene. ...the reason these guys can’t lose is that, quite simply, they sound so great. Eric and Leigh sing bluegrass’ tightest harmony blend, and, instrumentally the group plays with unmatched alacrity and taste. 

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Banjo(s) Eric Plays:
Deering Tenbrooks Legacy