Ben Wright and the Henhouse Prowlers

Ben Wright

Ben is a founding member and banjo player of the Chicago based band Henhouse Prowlers. In 1999 at age 23, on a whim, he bought a banjo at the legendary Old Town School of Folk Music, and has not looked back.

It almost goes without saying that there are inherent risks involved with putting yourself out into the world of performance. Two hundred+ shows a year means you're on the road more than you're not; and while the law of averages means that things are going to go wrong sometimes, it also means that pieces are going to fall into place perfectly at the right moment. This is just that kind of story for his band Henhouse Prowlers.

Henhouse Prowlers have performed and collaborated with musicians in more than 25 countries across the globe. Their newly formed charity Bluegrass Ambassadors aims to bring these experiences into the classroom and beyond with an aim at fostering education and understanding.