Mikael Jonassen

Mikael Jonassen is a Norwegian professional banjo player, singer, composer and producer located in Oslo, Norway. 

After a "love at first sound" meeting with the banjo in his teens, he quickly started learning about bluegrass and after some travelling went on to become the first Norwegian to graduate with a Master's degree in banjo. His playing is heavily rooted in the three finger picking style of bluegrass banjo, but he is constantly working with new techniques and sounds to blend the banjo into the different music genres he is working in. Fluent in bluegrass and always looking for new challenges, Mikael is playing live and recording with a lot of different artists in several styles of music. Mikael has been playing Deering banjos since 2009. His main instrument is a Deering Tenbrooks (Krüger tone ring), and for bigger and louder concerts he uses an Eagle II with a pickup system installed.