Bela Fleck | Deering Live Ep. 104

Bela Fleck | Deering Live Ep. 104

We are beyond excited to feature Bela Fleck on our next episode of Deering Live. Bela has taken the 5-string banjo to more musical landscapes than anyone else and always at the highest of levels. He has been nominated in more musical categories than anyone in Grammy history.

His latest project, released this past February, expands and explores George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue by paying homage to the legendary composer while redefining an American classic—just in time for its centennial.

Join us as we discuss Bela's artistic process, compositional approaches, his new recording Rhapsody In Blue, and more. This is bound to be an extremely insightful and fun episode! Mark your calendars!

Friday, March 22nd
11:45am ET / 8:45am PT / 3:45pm GMT


Listen to Bela's version of Rhapsody In Blue with a full orchestra below!


  • Deborah Linton

    Thanks very much for the interview with Bela Fleck. Very informative and inspiring conversation. He has so much knowledge and creativity. Still listening to his album “My Bluegrass Heart.” I’ll never tire listening to him and that group of amazing musicians.


    This needs to be one of the, if not the, finest interviews you have done. Bela’s unselfish giving of information, and his words of wisdom made the time spent most worth while.

  • Robert

    Thanks for your time and insight.
    So any favorite, VA Symphony or Floyd Co Store?

  • Don Rusnak

    Bella has a gift, the X factor as I like to call it. Mesmerizing performance.

  • JoeZeke

    Wow, just incredible…amazing. I love Gershwin anyway, and with Bela and this orchestra…I’m blown away!!

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