Hank Smith banjo

Composing Non Bluegrass Tunes On Banjo with Hank Smith | Deering Live

5-string banjoist Hank Smith returns to Deering Live this week to talk about the different aspects of composing music on the 5-string banjo that isn't in the bluegrass style.

Hank is a Deering artist and plays a Deering Maple Blossom. He also puts the "Hank" into 'Hank, Patty & the Current', who are one of our favorite bands! Check out hankandpattie.com for more information.


Hank Smith of Hank, Pattie & the Current selects his top 10 favorite tracks!


  • Margaretann Simon

    thanks gentleman . i knew i could play violin on my banjo . lol nice

  • Al

    For those of us that have not composed yet, is there a typical/good chord progression to start with for a non-bluegrass tune in key of G or C?

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