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Evie Ladin | Deering Live

Evie Ladin’s polyrhythmic clawhammer banjo style, resonant voice, and percussive dance have been heard from A Prairie Home Companion to Celtic Connections, Lincoln Center to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. Known as a driving force behind San Francisco’s Stairwell Sisters, Evie has four solo CDs that feature her banjo playing and songwriting. Raised on fiddlers’ conventions and square dances, Evie’s playing is firmly grounded in tradition, while taking the instrument into new territory. A popular instructor at many music camps, Evie is also a clawhammer banjo instructor for Peghead Nation . Join us this week on Deering Live to listen to Evie play, talk about her process, and to learn some fantastic clawhammer banjo tips!


  • David Bandrowski

    @DON JACKSON I would suggest checking out Evie’s clawhammer banjo course on Peghead Nation here: https://www.pegheadnation.com/string-school/courses/clawhammer-banjo

  • D McCabe

    What is the name of the “crooked” tune at 25;49?

  • Wm Skidmore

    I’ve been picking 3-finger Scruggs for ‘bout 15 years now but want to expand into claw hammer style. Evie really makes it sound glorious. I’d have really liked to have seen her dance. I love clogging.

  • Jim Perkins

    Wonderful banjo playing and voice!

  • Don Shriner

    Thank you for putting this on.

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