Kristin Scott Benson on Deering Live

Kristin Scott Benson | Deering Live

Tune in this week on Deering Live to see multi-award-winning bluegrass banjo icon, Kristin Scott Benson as she will have a special announcement!


  • Edward Gordon

    I would attribute Earl Scruggs’ early banjo tone more to the recording technology than to his banjo setup. Too many recordings from the 1940s and 1950s are mostly in the treble range with minimal lower mid tones and almost no bass.

  • Wayne Clyburn

    As regards tone, a lot of the best Bluegrass banjo players say that they would like to get the same tone out of their banjo that Earl Scruggs did. But, it’s been my observation that most of them don’t bend and wear their picks the same way Scruggs did. A lot of them have the pick blades hanging way off the ends of their fingers. Earl didn’t do that. What process did you use to decide how you bend and wear your picks?

  • Nancy M.

    Do you have any problems with the weight of the banjo and playing it while standing on stage?

  • Seth

    Hi I am watching the Live series with Kristin and was wandering if she can still play Trying Times with the bandaid on finger, love that song! Thanks

  • Joseph Brosk

    How do you feel about practicing sometimes without picks?

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