Mean Mary James | Deering Live

Mean Mary James | Deering Live

Making her long-awaited debut on Deering Live, Mean Mary James joins us to talk about her new album 'Portrait of a Woman (Part 1)'. Mary has a truly fascinating story and as well as being a fantastic banjo player also boasts guitar and fiddle in her resume and is equally skilled on all three. This promises to be a truly entertaining episode!

Take a listen to her new album Portrait of a Woman, Pt. 1 below!


  • Maryland Cate

    Gorgeous. Thank you for inviting Mean Mary to play with us. Mean Mary, thank you for the stories inside and outside of the songs. You are one of many current artists that are making banjo music “cool” for new audiences. Thank you.

  • Lydia Cerullo

    Please come to Monroe, New York!

  • Carolina Bridges

    Great show! And wonderful ending…for today we were blessed by your music & genuine personality. Thanks for the variety of your style…enjoying the many flavors of music multiplies the joy! Continued success Mary & Deering!



  • Gene

    Needs to come to Woodstock Georgia

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