David Bandrowski tenor banjo

"New Orleans Tenor Banjo & Beyond" with David Bandrowski | Deering Live Ep. 95

This week we will be talking all things New Orleans tenor banjo with our very own Director of Marketing, David Bandrowski. We will talk about his beginnings as a tenor player in New Orleans, the role of the instrument in jazz, as well as other genres. We will even dig into a few fundamental lessons on the instrument. David also has a phenomenal album out called French Onion Superman which is well worth checking out if you want to hear New Orleans jazz banjo in action.

So if you are interested in New Orleans Tenor Banjo and don’t know where to start…start here! Head over to davidbrandrowski.com to learn more.

Listen to David play the old standard "When It's Sleepytime Down South" on a Deering Sierra 19-fret tenor banjo here:


  • Lou Mazza

    Where can I find the tabs for the two finger cords David Bandrowski demonstrated on ep. 95?

  • Alan Almond

    Very nice Mr. Bandrowski, a bit of peace.

  • Bob Tedrow

    Less talk more banjo

  • josef holčík

    melodie dobrá ale ukázka (katastrofa)

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