Rex McGee

Rex McGee | Deering Live Ep. 97

Rex McGee is one of the most creative and technically able players of the 5-string banjo alive today, though his non-musical career as a pharmacist has kept him largely anonymous from a larger audience.

Rex is known by 3-finger style banjo players all over the world as a leading innovator for the instrument. He holds a high reputation amongst his musical peers and this extends to other instruments including fiddle and guitar. His performance skills are complimented by his creative composing and sought after teaching skills.

He has played a number of the most prestigious performing arts centers and festival stages in the country including Telluride and Merlefest, and festivals in Canada and Ireland.

Rex was a mentor for 3 finger banjo wiz Ryan Cavanaugh. Ryan says ”I wouldn’t be the player I am today if it weren’t for him.”

There is a cult following for his 2001 record 24 Creations For Solo Banjo. An incredible piece of work that is a must listen for any fan of modern acoustic instrumental music and showcases what a solo 5-string banjo can really do. Take a listen below.


  • Steve Easter

    This work of art was done before 2002 BC (Before Children) To listen to it you have to turn off your “Bluegrass” tab. Knowing Rex when I listen to it, which is often because it’s on my playlist, I smile and know that I’m probably kin to the world’s best kept “musically gifted” secret. This is my opinion, but I am also thinking he put this together when he had nothing else to do that day. Brilliant is what he is. Unassuming/ Humble and Brilliant. 

  • Robert Gabb

    Rex is a 5 string wizard for sure, he’s a musical engineer.

  • Tim Ellingson

    WOW! How many cups of coffee were ingested before this amazing display of spastic finger movement?

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