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Ron Block | Deering Live

We're very excited to feature the longtime banjoist for Alison Kraus & Union Station, Ron Block, on Deering Live. When it comes to bluegrass banjo, Ron is simply one of the best in the business. His feel, tone, and timing drive the music that is rooted deeply in tradition but continues to push it into the future.

Ron has a new album coming out July 1st with Irish tenor banjo master Damien O'Kane called Banjophonics. We'll be talking about this album as well as digging deep into how he achieves his sound on the banjo. Take listen to a few tracks of the new album below!


  • Brad Hunt

    you guys hit it out of the park, phenomenal, I wondered when he was gonna ask about a recording between the two, thanks

  • Claire Wagner

    Great interview – I grew up in Redondo Beach about mile from where Ron was. I got my Guild guitar from Hogans music!
    Love your tone and drive. Also your song “Shield of Faith” is a longtime favorite.
    Thanks for the music!

  • Clay King

    What a great interview and Derring Live episode. Ron is an incredible player but the transparency and insights he reveled are priceless

  • jens kruger

    Ron is with out a doubt one of the best banjo players of all time.
    His style and vision is very unique and recognizable. I have always loved his highly musical mind.
    A great person and great inspiration to all of us.

  • David

    Great song sample, love the tenor banjo sound as well and the drive/energy these tunes have.. Can hardly wait for the entire CD to be available.

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