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Ron Block | Deering Live

We're very excited to feature the longtime banjoist for Alison Kraus & Union Station, Ron Block, on Deering Live. When it comes to bluegrass banjo, Ron is simply one of the best in the business. His feel, tone, and timing drive the music that is rooted deeply in tradition but continues to push it into the future.

Ron has a new album coming out July 1st with Irish tenor banjo master Damien O'Kane called Banjophonics. We'll be talking about this album as well as digging deep into how he achieves his sound on the banjo. Take listen to a few tracks of the new album below!


  • J.S.L.

    Absolutely fantastic. Musicianship at its best.

  • Lindsay

    Great tracks! Nice take on a slightly different style for Banjo. Just love it!
    I can’t wait for the album release.

  • Todd

    Thanks for sharing
    Looking forward to Thursday! New to playing and enjoy the different playing styles.

  • Charley Wrather

    The sound is great. Not the same old, same old. Exuberant sound! Only tour dates I could find are in the UK. Planning a trip there, but not this summer. Tell them to come play Colorado. People here will love them.

  • nick

    How can you not like it. The previous reviewer must not appreciate all the styles/techniques out there now. If we all liked Vanilla we wouldn’t have Baskin Robbins. Good luck to the duo

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