Tray Wellington

Tray Wellington | Deering Live

Trajan "Tray" Wellington joins us on Deering Live on the eve of his greatly anticipated solo effort, "Black Banjo", which is available from May 13th! In this episode, Tray talks to us about the inspiration behind "Black Banjo", and discusses his own experiences as a black banjo player in bluegrass music.

For more information, check out Black Banjo is available to preorder ahead of its release date of Friday, May 13th on Mountain Home Music. 


  • Erin Simmons

    Thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Trey Wellington! Upcoming talent and energy that should be acknowledged…. Good informative background on his chord progressions, major / minor music development for song framework. Thank you, Erin

  • Todd

    I love your vision as an artist and how you bring together a ragu of musical vocabulary from all genres. You are an inspiration and I Thank you for sharing 🙏

  • Dan Trainer

    Tray Wellington is one of my favorite young musicians. I’m quite certain he is improvising jazz lines.

  • Scott M

    I really enjoyed that piece keep up the great insight

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