Michael Miles and his Deering Goodtime banjo

Unlimited Rhythms Of Clawhammer Banjo with Michael Miles | Deering Live

Michael Miles is back on Deering Live to demonstrate and teach us about how rhythmically versatile the clawhammer style of playing the 5-string banjo can be and how this style can be utilized to play many different genres of music. Michael is a master clawhammer player and well-versed in many musical styles so be sure to tune in and learn.

To learn more about Michael Miles, please visit https://milesmusic.org/

Here is a sample of tunes/rhythms we will try to cover:
1. Courante rhythm in 3/4
Courante from Suite for the Americas by Michael Miles
3. Blues Groove with improvisation
Hey Hey by Big Bill Broonzy
4.  Cuban Guaracha
Guaracha from Suite for the Americas by Michael Miles
5.  Folk Rock
Like A Rolling Stone on fretless by Dylan
6.  Blues Rock
Midnight Rider on fretless by Allman Brothers
7.  5/4 time
Take Five by Billy Strayhorn
8.  JS Bach and 3/8 time
Gigue from Cello Suite III
Sundial Rumba by Michael Miles


  • Betty Zeestraten
    Thanks for the fun session.

  • Michael Brooks

    So many banjo ‘teachers’ never mention rhythm. I’ve taught beginners (not claiming to be a teacher) , and they catch on so much faster with muted strumming putting body parts in rhythm., then unmuting, then finding a note or two Why is that still true, after hundreds of years? Is it impatience for fast results? Try dancing without rhythm !

  • Steve Anderson

    Do you ever tune to open C tuning? Why or why not?

  • Jan Morrow

    All I can say is, “Wow!” A lot of this is over my head, but I can certainly appreciate the talent and knowledge of Mr. Miles. Wonderful presentation.

  • Kathy L

    Like a Rolling Stone – took my breath away!

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