Limited "Splash of Color" Models Now Available!

As part of the ongoing celebrations of our 40th Anniversary, we thought we would have some fun.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when we let the finish room loose on some unsuspecting Deering Sierra Maple and Eagle II banjos.

Colors include Pumpkin Orange, Yellowjacket, Chili Pepper Red, Candy Coral, Denim Blue and Greg's Green, in honor of Mr. Deerings love for the color green! Each color is available as a beautiful satin style Deering Sierra (MSRP $2889.00) and sleek glossy Deering Eagle (MSRP $2679.00) banjo.

Like what you see? Contact your local Deering dealer to get one on order before they all go or CLICK HERE to learn more. 

Deering Splash of Color - YellowJacketDeering Splash of Color - PumkinDeering Splash of Color - Greg's GreenDeering Splash of Color - Denim BlueDeering Splash of Color - Chili Pepper RedDeering Splash of Color - Candy Coral

Any other color/model combos you would like to see here? Tell us. We might just make it! 

We will only be making these banjos now through December 31st, 2015.

Go to your local dealer and have them order one for you today!

September 01, 2015 by Jamie Latty


Sheila Barfield

Sheila Barfield said:

Have you considered a tie dyed version? I think that would be beautiful!

Donald Stewart

Donald Stewart said:

Wow! WOW! WOW!


John said:

imagine the great things I could buy if I wasn’t a broke college student…such as these rainbow banjos… er rainbanjos

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