Jens Kruger

Jens Kruger Q&A | Deering Live Ep. 100

The always amazing Jens Kruger joins us to celebrate our 100th episode to answer your questions and to talk about anything and everything banjo!

We will also be inviting 3 guests to ask their questions to Jens live in the Deering Live studio, as well as hang out before the show goes live. Ask your questions in the form below and you may be selected to appear live on the Deering Live 100th Episode with Jens Kruger!


  • Mike Donnell

    I brought my old 12-string acoustic guitar to play with the Kruger Brothers when they were at the Wyoming Bluegrass & Barbecue Festival years ago. Even though I’ve played guitar my whole life, over 65 years this year, I had to work to keep up with them when things speeded up. But it was a blast, one I won’t forget, thank you Krugers, love your music!

  • Brad Hunt

    Happy Holidays to all the staff, thank you so much……..

  • Mike Fowler

    What a truly awesome and insightful session. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to all….

  • Lee Gilbert

    Gene Gilbert gave me his Deering Banjo Carolyn Hatcher and Pops never missed a chance to see y’all.

  • Steve Twist

    Thank you Jens and Deering live. All those little nuggets add up to a pot of Gold. It’s through Jens, Uwe and Joel that I bought a Deering Banjo earlier this year, and was the lucky enough to meet them all on November 11th at the Eagle Music / Deering 20th anniversary celebrations, one of the best days ever, your music haunts me, also Ashley Campbell and Thor Jenson, can’t get La Bete out of my head, there one for the Banjo Jens. Jens you also play covers, Streets of London, and some Eva Cassidy numbers, sometimes your music takes me to the late Kate Wolf. Again thanks you all for your encouragement and valuable lessons and videos. Steve

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