Jens Kruger

Jens Kruger Q&A | Deering Live Ep. 100

The always amazing Jens Kruger joins us to celebrate our 100th episode to answer your questions and to talk about anything and everything banjo!

We will also be inviting 3 guests to ask their questions to Jens live in the Deering Live studio, as well as hang out before the show goes live. Ask your questions in the form below and you may be selected to appear live on the Deering Live 100th Episode with Jens Kruger!


  • William Sinclair


    What tension is your head at?

  • Karen

    What a great discussion. Jens is the best! Great understanding of how to here the music.

  • Tony OMahony

    Love the hats guys. They’re the perfect 100th celebration hats, and of course its Chirstmas too.

  • Patrick Polites

    Do you play tenor also by chance?

  • Ted

    Can you discuss any unique and creative approaches that you apply to clawhammer? How does your fingerstyle playing influence your clawhammer playing?

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