ProPik Thumbpick


Equipped with a smooth-wearing plastic tip, the Metal-Plastic Thumb Pick has great tone, requires no break-in, and eliminates that annoying grinding sound ordinary plastic thumb picks are prone to make.The pick is made of Delrin plastic for durability and steel for a flexible fit. Available in Lefty.

*Please select your size*



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Deering 5-String Banjo Strings - Light Gauge


Greg Deering knows what makes a banjo sound great. He chose the gauges for our private label string sets to meet the demands required of any playing style. These banjo strings will work great for 5-string long neck banjos and 5-string parlor banjos as well.

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ProPik Fingerpick


Vintage Style Picks offer great tone and comfort. Inspired by popular picks made in the 20's this vintage style pick has a more comfortable fit! Just bend to fit. 

Our ProPiks are Nickel-Silver and are Blade Style #1.

Sold in single quantity. Please enter number of desired picks. 

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Banjo Head T-Wrench


Head tension is critical to good sound. Choose the right t-wrench to adjust the bracket nuts and tighten the head of your banjo.

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Nylon Banjo Strap


This 2″ Deering nylon banjo strap comes with leather end attachments so that it can be easily attached to your banjo.

Comes in black, brown, or tan.

Designed for: Goodtime Banjos

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Goodtime Banjo Armrest


A brand new armrest design for Deering Goodtime banjos that is flat and rides lower to the head, thus being very comfortable to the player. This armrest is very easy to install and comes with two specially made j-hooks and installation instructions in order to attach it to your Goodtime Banjo. Requires a Goodtime 9/32 T-wrench for installation. 


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Deering® Banjo Care Cloths


Made in the USA, these cloths will help keep your banjo in peak playing condition. The pink cloth has wax in it for the wood surfaces, the white cloth has a strong anti-tarnish substance, and the grey/white combo is for daily use. The white interior will clean off the light tarnish of daily playing while the grey cloth is a soft flannel with nothing on it to use as a wipe down cloth after each playing session.

  • White Cloth: For Tarnish Cleaning Nickel and Chrome
  • Grey Cloth:  For Polishing Gold Chrome and Nickel
  • Pink Cloth:   For Finish Waxing
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Deering® Banjo Mute


Made in the U.S.A., this solid brass mute fits 4, 5, and 6 string banjos. Adjustable for all bridge widths, this mute does not hinder right hand position. Easy on and off.

You just slide the mute on the bridge lengthwise because one end is open.  The sound is much quieter, but still a very pleasant sound, this will help keep peace in the home when the baby is sleeping.

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Deering® Banjo Stand


Deering worked directly with the folks at Cooperstand to make this customized Deering wooden banjo stand. Made of African Sapele Mahogany, the stand is great for lighter weight Goodtime Banjos. 

This  stand has several advantages:

  • Compact…folds down  small enough to fit into many gig bags and instrument cases. This makes traveling with one much more convenient.
  • Protects finish on your banjo…because it is made of wood, there are no metal pieces that can scratch or damage your banjo finish.
  • Enhanced aesthetics…the wooden stand is beautifully crafted to enhance the home or studio environment.

In short, this custom Deering wooden banjo stand combines artistic good looks, versatile full size, with minimal size compatibility, and portability. All of this in one very small package.

Not recommended for Deering banjos with tone rings.

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Soft Leather Cradle Strap


Flexible and comfortable, this 2” brown leather cradle strap is made in the USA. It's basic design has a vintage look and will fit our Goodtime and Vega Banjo lines. 

Designed for: Goodtime, Vega Little Wonder, Vega Senator, Vega Old Tyme Wonder, Boston, and Eagle II banjos.

Available in Chocolate and *New* Sueded Caramel Brown

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Deering 5-String Banjo Strings - Medium Gauge


Greg Deering knows what makes a banjo sound great. He chose the gauges for our private label string sets to meet the demands required of any playing style. These banjo strings will also work great for 4-string plectrum banjos as well as 5-string long neck banjos.

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Earl's Suspender Capo


A brand new way to capo the 5th string of your banjo. For the very first time, you can capo the 5th string at any fret without installing screws, spikes or damaging your banjo.

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Deering Smile™ Banjo Bridge



Deering’s new patent-pending Smile™ Banjo Bridge is created to fit into the natural curve created on a banjo head when under string tension. This relieves the stress found in a traditional bridge allowing the Smile™ Bridge to vibrate without constriction. The result is an instantly fuller and more expressive midrange, less constricted low end frequencies, and a wonderful balance across all strings.

Checkout the New Deering Tony Trischka Signature Models   

*The top/black portion of your banjo bridge is called “the saddle.” This saddle is made to match the shape of the surface of your banjo fingerboard. Most banjo fingerboards are “flat” meaning that they do not have a curved surface. Some banjos are custom made with a curve to the fingerboard which is called a “radiused fingerboard.” This is not to be confused with the curve of the feet of a Smile™ bridge. When choosing the Smile™ bridge please choose the one that has “the saddle” that is shaped like the surface of your fingerboard.

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String Care Package


Take care of your banjo strings!

What is the easiest way to bring the sparkle back to your banjo sound? Change your strings and keep them clean and smooth! And we have made it an easy task with this string package.

The new GRIP String Peg Winder will make installing the strings of your choice quicker, easier, and more fun. It features two ball bearings for ease and quickness winding your tuners. 

  • Rubber Lined, Dual Bearing Peg Winder
  • Innovative Dual Bearing Construction for Effortless, Silent & Super Fast Winding
  • Safe Scratch-Free & Clank Free Rubber Lined Design
  • Fits & Grips Virtually all Tuning Pegs
  • Ergonomic, Non-slip Comfort Grip
  • Narrow Profile Winder Design Keeps you From Hitting other Pegs on Tight fit Banjos

Slide on a little String Fuel and your strings will be easier to play and have a longer life. This Fuel cleans and smooths with one swipe down the length of your strings.

Choose from any of our 8 types of strings. Pick our Light Gauge strings to have the same Deering setup as our standard set up, or the specific style of your choice.  

This package includes:

  • Two Sets of Deering Strings of your choice
  • String Fuel
  • *NEW* GRIP Peg Winder
  • Deering Banjo Round Sticker
A value of $43.71! Available for a limited time. 


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Eagle Logo Leather Cradle Banjo Strap


Made in the USA, this black leather cradle strap will protect your banjo at the same time it makes your playing easier. This 2" padded leather cradle strap, printed with a gold Deering eagle logo. 

Designed for: Goodtime, and Vega Little Wonder, Vega Senator, Vega Old Tyme Wonder, Boston, and Eagle II banjos.

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Deering 3 Inch Round Sticker

$1.75 $1.00

Shiny, durable sticker made of vinyl with the Deering Eagle Logo. Great for decorating your car, bumper, or case, put it anywhere!

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Deering Banjos Baseball Cap


Made of a 100% cotton, these hats are fully adjustable with Velcro fastening on the back. They have a rolled brim and are embroidered.

Distressed Grey is embroidered with white. 



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Greg Deering Maintenance Workshop DVD


Ever wonder how to properly set a banjo up for the best sound and playability? Greg Deering personally teaches all about banjo adjustments and set up. He takes the banjo completely apart and puts the banjo back together again before your very eyes in this enlightening DVD. It's a must for every player!

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Thumb Picks


These plastic banjo thumb picks will add brightness to your banjo playing. Available in an array of colors. Please select size and color. Right handed only.

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Deering Heather Knit Eagle T-Shirt


With comfort in mind, this lightweight cotton-poly blend will fit great. The heather knit tee has a round neckline that features a softly distressed look. 

  • 60% combed ringspun cotton/40% polyester jersey
  • 4.3 oz.
  • slightly heathered
  • fabric laundered for reduced shrinkage

Available in Heather Charcoal, Heather Storm (Purple), and Heather Olive Green.

BODY LENGTH 27 28 29 30 31 32
BODY WIDTH 34 38 41 44 48 52
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Deering Two Finger Method DVD


Think you can't play the banjo? Think again... and if you have your banjo there with you....

You will learn to play the banjo with just two fingers. This is a simple strumming technique using Barre guitar-style chords for the very beginning banjo player.

Believe it or not, you CAN play the banjo. This simple approach is designed to make banjo playing immediately accessible to everyone! If you have ever believed that you can't make music, this DVD will change your mind and bring the magic of making music to your life. 

This lesson DVD is for someone who has never played a musical instrument. Barry Hunn takes on an easy and comfortable tour of the banjo and teaches the easiest way to play a banjo. In fact, many people have learned to play several songs in a matter of minutes with this magical DVD.

Songs taught: You are My Sunshine, This Land is Your Land, and Tom Dooley.

27 Minutes.









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National Finger Picks


One of the most popular brands of picks for years!
National nickel-silver finger picks are made for banjo playing.

Sold in a pack of 4 finger picks. Just squeeze them to fit to your finger size.

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Goodtime Banjo Care Package

$40.69 $29.95

Essential accessories that every Goodtime banjo player will love!

Created specifically for our Goodtime banjo owners, this custom care kit will help you have more FUN with your banjo! Bring your banjo back to life with the set of three care cloths for both hardware and wooden surfaces. 

Your fingers will fly across the fretboard with the new String Fuel that is both a string cleaner and lubricant in a compact package.

Tighten your head with the 9/32 t-wrench included in your kit. 


  • String Fuel
  • Goodtime Banjo T Wrench (size 9/32)
  • Set of Three Care Cloths
  • Deering Banjo Round Sticker

A retail value of $40.69! Available for a limited time. 

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Stitched Leather Cradle Strap


The Stitched Leather Cradle Strap features brushed leather for a weathered look. This 2” strap has an outer stitch that adds vintage style. Made for our Goodtime and Vega banjos. Installation directions included.

Designed for: Goodtime, Vega Little Wonder, Vega Senator, Vega Old Tyme Wonder, Boston, and Eagle II banjos.

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Deering Players Package


Who doesn’t want to improve their banjo sound? One of the easiest ways to make the banjo sound brighter and crisper is with a fresh set of strings and new picks! We chose the comfortable picks from Propik and Deering Banjo Strings to make playing even easier in the Deering Players package.

Buy this package and save. 

This new package comes with:

  • Three Sets of Banjo Strings of Choice
  • One ProPik Thumb Pick *Please Pick your Size*
  • Two ProPik Split Wrap Finger Picks 
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Easy Banjo Solo Favorites Book


Whether or not you live in West Virginia or West LA, the Easy Banjo Solo Favorites songbook contains a bulk of classic banjo favorites for the early banjoist or ongoing hobbyist. Standards like "Amazing Grace" and "Duelin' Banjos" make up this list of nearly 40 pop, rock and folk favorites all arranged for the banjo!

Songs: Amazing Grace, Bad Moon Rising, Ballad of Jed Clampett, Blackberry Blossom, Blowin' In The Wind, The Boxer, Cat's In The Cradle, City of New Orleans, Cold Hearted, Cripple Creek, Danny's Song, Don't Think Twice It's All Right, Down In The Willow Garden, Duelin' Banjos, Fire on the Mountain, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Follow Me, Garden Song, Grandfather's Clock, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, I Can't Help But Wonder, I'll fly Away, Jamaica Farewell, The Last Thing On My MInd, Leaving On A Jet Plane, Lookin' Out My Back Door, The Marvelous Toy, Mountain Dew, My Ramblin' Boy, Puff The Magic Dragon, Scarborough Fair/Canticle, Shady Grove, Take Me Home Country Roads, Teach Your Children, This Land Is Your Land, Wildwood Flower, and Will The Circle Be Unbroken.

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Woven Leather Strap


Supple and soft, this 2” black, double-link woven leather cradle strap is made in the USA, with the gold Deering eagle logo design.  Banjo players will love the way it safely cradles their banjo and cushions their shoulder during hours of playing.

Designed for: Goodtime, and Vega Little Wonder, Vega Senator, Vega Old Tyme Wonder, Boston, and Eagle II banjos.

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Deering Custom Stoneware Mugs

$29.00 $19.95

Hand-crafted in the USA by master potters, these beautiful custom Deering Stoneware 12oz. mugs will have you sipping in true banjo style!

Each Deering Stoneware Mug has been hand crafted from start to finish. They are hand thrown on a pottery wheel, each handle carefully pulled and applied, and dipped into custom glazes. Handcrafted to last a lifetime. 

This new stunning color glaze, Brick Red, features rustic style elegantly.

  • Food safe
  • 100% lead free, and non-toxic
  • Microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe 
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Shubb Banjo Capo


Easy to use Banjo Capo for playing in different Keys. Rubber pad holds the strings down, nickel plated hardware. The standard of the industry, a popular capo. Easy to remove and keep in your pocket.

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Fretboard F-One Oil

$8.99 $7.99

F-ONE gives wood its life back. F-ONE is formulated using a complex mixture of the finest ultra refined tree and seed oils to clean, condition & protect your fretboard/fingerboard. 100% free of any lemon oil extracts, waxes, petroleum distillates, silicone, and water. Lemon oil is not used  because it contains d-limonene, which is a strong solvent that is used to remove paint and glue. In addition, the high acidity levels of lemon oil can dry out the fretboard over time and require more frequent fretboard care. F-ONE leaves your fretboard looking new, playing great and feeling smooth, never sticky or tacky. This oil penetrates & conditions the wood to dry fast and give it a new look for months. It's 100% naturally produced oils, are safe on all unfinished rosewood, ebony and maple fretboards. Made by MusicNomad in Sonoma, CA. 

Not recommended for Goodtime banjos. 

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